Details and Pricing

Wedding Shuttle Details and Pricing

  • Each shuttle has a $200 base cost per vehicle.
  • After the base cost the hourly rate is $50 per hour per shuttle. We have a minimum use of 4 hours on Saturdays and 3 hours on Sundays. There is no minimum on weekdays.
  • The hourly rate only applies to hours that the shuttle is IN USE.

A common example:

A wedding group needs 2 shuttles from 3-5pm and then again from 10-11pm. It would cost $400 for the base cost (2 vans x $200) and $300 for the six hours of use (2 vans x 3 hours x $50). Thus the total ($400 + $300) would be $700. This total would include everything except gratuity for the driver.

  • This structure is ideal for weddings and events when the shuttle is only needed for a short time in the beginning and a short time at the end.
  • Other services force you to pay for the “dead time” time or for a daily “full-day” rate. With The Santa Cruz Experience you only pay for the hours you need the shuttle, nothing more.
  • The Santa Cruz Experience uses 15-passenger shuttles for your convenience. Multiple 15-passenger shuttles make it possible to pick-up from two hotels or locations at the same time. If the group to be shuttled is not all ready at the same time, multiple shuttles make it possible to stagger the pick ups, allowing more time for the remaining passengers to get ready.
  • 15-passenger shuttles are ideal for navigating the Santa Cruz Mountain’s twisting roads. Many wedding sites in Santa Cruz are up one-way, windy, treacherous roads. Large mini-buses often have trouble navigating these roads and are prone to getting stuck. This will never happen with our vehicles.