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Santa Cruz Ale Works

Home brewing is really what it’s all about. Even when I worked at a pretty big brewery, after a shift of producing hundreds of barrels of wort or transferring the same amount of beer, James and I would meet back at my place in Berkeley and pull an 8 gallon batch over a bunch of beers, and such…..Thanks James. Sometime around early 1999 I met Keith at a pub in Berkeley (kind of a job interview). I figured that anybody could talk themselves into a job, so I grabbed a corny of some red we made, a cobra head, and some glassware. After lunch I asked him over for a beer out at my car, keg firmly belted into the passenger seat, and have been in Santa Cruz ever since. Thanks Keith and Charlie. I have been brewing either in class or as a working brewer for over 12 years. That being almost a third of my time on this quaint, little rock probably constitutes a way of life. It’s a little strange writing a, “mission statement” or an, “about us” page, or even a blog on myspace. We’ll show you what we like to do before, during, or after drinking with some neat and funny pictures, and throw out some witty captions to go with them too. But if you want to know who we are, please stop by at festivals and say hi. If you’re in the area, swing by the brewery. Chances are somebody will be around. We are all about the proliferation of good beer.

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing an award winning, local, certified organic brewery. Yes, we’re proud. Yes, our beer is organic, but don’t be afraid. Just because we brew with organic grains and organic hops doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to love it! Yes, it is still beer. Brewed in the traditional fashion by our family owned and operated brewery, these ales are not filtered, not pasteurized, not radiated, and not brewed with any genetically modified ingredients. I know, where is the fun in that? Beer doesn’t have to be all bad. Yes, we have women brewers and owners. Well, what can we say? Strong women brew strong beer. We have great male brewers, as well. Yes, we love beer! We travel the world studying beer, breweries, brewing, and bars. Because we brew on a 7bbl system, we can take risks and brew whatever our hearts desire. That kind of makes us unique. It definitely makes our seasonal beers interesting. It also makes us true beer lovers.

Beer Thirty

Craft beer. By the bottle or by the pint, enjoy it here or take it to-go. Thirty rotating taps, 250+ bottles, local brews, events, family and dog friendly!

Discretion Brewing

Michael Demers is Discretion Brewing’s Brewmaster. His interest in craft beer first began to develop when he started homebrewing over 20 years ago right here in Santa Cruz. He later moved to Colorado for a change of pace (and a college education). While he was there, he landed his first professional brewing job. That was in 1996, and Michael has been brewing strong ever since. Along the way, Michael has earned awards for his beers at the Colorado State Fair, Wyoming Brewer’s Fest, Great American Beer Fest, North American Beer Awards, the California State Fair, and most recently, a gold medal in The World Beer Cup, but the most important reward he gets for his brewing is the smile on the face of a happy customer enjoying his beer! Michael is thrilled to be back home in Santa Cruz and delighted to be part of the Discretion Brewing family!

East End Gastropub

East End Gastropub is a modern eatery serving craft food, beer and wine. The seasonal menu features handmade pasta, local produce, and free range meats. East End features 16 beers on tap and seasonal bottles. The decor is modern, comfortable and bright. Open seven days a week from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Elkhorn Slough Brewery

Elkhorn Slough Brewing Co. is an artisan craft beer company in beautiful Watsonville, CA that specializes in wild ales and a variety of beers for all tastes and styles

Humble Sea Brewing

Humble Sea Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Santa Cruz, established by three long-term buddies hell-bent on making the world just a little bit better through beer.

We’re composed of magic some kick-ass brewers, an front-of-the-house guru, an artsy kid that “designs” for us, and the most incredible beertenders in the history of the planet.

Lupulo Brewing

Lupulo Brewing (Loop-oo-low, which is Spanish for hops) is a craft beer restaurant, tasting room, and bottle shop owned by husband and wife team Stuyvie and Noëlle Bearns in downtown Santa Cruz. Through their upbringings and travels throughout the world, Stuyvie and Noëlle have developed a deep appreciation for new and out-of-the-ordinary foods and beverages. Among these passions, craft beer from around the globe has been an important part of their culinary evolution for more than a decade. Always searching for rare, new, and exciting beers, they often wondered why there was not a dedicated space for beer culture in Santa Cruz such as those that exist throughout much of the United States. After tiring of having to travel to the Bay Area to get the beers they were seeking and discussing the idea with the many fellow craft beer lovers that live in the area, Stuyvie and Noëlle decided that perhaps it was their calling to bring such a space to their beloved town.

Parish Publick House

I love beer. Not namby-pamby watery American mass-produced beer, but good, strong, beers of the world, and American microbrews. If I were to open my own pub, the beer list would look a lot like that at Parish Publick House- except they’ve got about fifteen I would have forgotten! Great atmosphere, great beer selection (both bottle and tap), and a very tasty and affordable bar menu, with something to please everyone. (Our favorite is their salmon fish and chips, made with beer batter!) They even serve a couple watery American beers for your friend that doesn’t know any better. Add in the pool table, well-stocked digital jukebox, and frequent live music, and what’s not to love?

Seabright Brewery

Seabright Brewery: All of our carefully hand-crafted, brewery fresh ales are made using only water, malt, yeast, and hops.
Our brewmaster uses the finest two-row Harrington pale malted barley, specially roasted barley malts, hops from Oregon and Washington, and select brewers yeast to produce our beers right here on the premises.



Shanty Shack Brewing

Shanty Shack Brewing sees beer as art. Instead of brewing only classic styles, we like to say that we brew with style. You will find an ever-changing lineup of creative ales on tap at our brewery. Our small 3BBL (93 gallon) batch size gives us a lot of flexibility to brew beers with local and exotic ingredients, while using multiple yeast strains allows us to brew Belgian, English, German, and West Coast inspired beers. Our barrel program features mixed fermentation, farmhouse, and sour beers brewed with the finest fruits and spices Santa Cruz has to offer.

Steel Bonnet Brewing Company

Family and dog friendly brewery located in Scott’s Valley serving fresh craft artisan ales brewed in small batches

Uncommon Brewing

Alec Stefansky began brewing with his college roommates in 1996 thanks to a then-overlooked loophole in the UC legal code. Since that time he has been diligently working within the boundaries of the law to create uncommon beers. His active work to create a different kind of brewery began all the way back in 2002, when political trends made making beer a whole lot more productive than combating the spread of nuclear weapons.

West End Tap & Kitchen

West End is a neighborhood eatery which showcases the flavors of a traditional pub with a California twist; using local, fresh and seasonal foods. Our food is cooked to pair perfectly with one of many craft beers and wines. Our chef brings French cuisine techniques to a simple and approachable menu for all to enjoy and afford! We are proud to offer healthy and fun kids choices along with mouth-watering house-made desserts and ice creams. Come in and be our guest!


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